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Zeta Launcher turns alien technology into magnetic kids toys



 The Zeta Launcher brings surprise and mystery to futuristic toy cars with magnetic propulsion.

Zeta Launcher is a toy that is safe and easy to use for ages 4+ that not only launches a small car using only permanent magnets (no batteries, no electricity nor springs), but also “vacuums” it up a small ramp, auto-adjusts it and locks it in place for re-launch.

Pebblebrook Toys (maker of the Zeta Launcher) is one of the featured exhibitors at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase, which takes place on Oct 13, 2012 at the Denver Merchandise Mart, so come and check out this along with an amazing selection of other unique inventions!

Recently, company founder Jeff Cook took time to answer a few questions about their magnetic propulsion mechanism,  having a 3-man CAD team, and their Zeta Reticuli origins…

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