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Poker takes flight with Card Parlour Darts



Combining Darts with Poker. What a great idea!

Card Parlour Darts is a patented poker darts game that uses a regulation steel-tip dart board to combine the thrill of throwing darts with the strategy and popularity of poker.

Card Parlour Darts is one of the featured exhibitors at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase, which takes place on Oct 13, 2012 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. An impressive array of innovations will be on hand, so come and check out all the unique inventions!

Recently, company founder Charles Hanes took time to answer a few questions about the wonderful world of darts and adding Card Parlour Darts rooms to Casinos everywhere…

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Introducing the XT9 Air - The most advanced energy storing prosthetic knee on the market




The XT9 Air will take you places no others can.

The XT9 Air is the most advanced energy storing prosthetic knee available on the market, allowing above knee (AK) amputees the ability to telemark ski, wake board, rock climb, and many other activities that they have been unable to do on conventional prosthetic equipment. The XT9 Air will be one of the featured products at the 8th Annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase. Recently inventor Jarem Frye took a moment to tell us more about his amazing invention...

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WORD-ROULETTE educates as it entertains the whole family



WORD-ROULETTE® is a word board game that uses a modified roulette wheel, multiple balls and game work sheets for huge amounts of family fun and interplay. Creator Tony Aceti is bringing his game to the DaVinci Inventor Showcase to show it off to the world and do his best to make it a household name. After the jump Tony talks about his product, the trials and difficulties of producing a game today and where he wants his product to go...

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