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WORD-ROULETTE educates as it entertains the whole family



WORD-ROULETTE® is a word board game that uses a modified roulette wheel, multiple balls and game work sheets for huge amounts of family fun and interplay. Creator Tony Aceti is bringing his game to the DaVinci Inventor Showcase to show it off to the world and do his best to make it a household name. After the jump Tony talks about his product, the trials and difficulties of producing a game today and where he wants his product to go...

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Baby carrier support invention aims to make motherhood less painful



 Carrying babies in heavy carriers can overstress arms, but this invention changes all that.

The 8th Annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase takes place on Oct 13 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. Many innovations and inventions will take the center stage on this day. Nick Carbone will be presenting a device that is designed to aid in the baby carrying process. The product is unnamed yet, but if you come up with a good idea, give him a call and suggest it!

The following is a short interview with Nick about his product and business...

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USPTO Deputy Director Teresa Stanek Rae on the Hill: Supporting U.S. Innovators in Global Markets



The featured speaker for the DaVinci Inventor Showcase, Deputy Director Teresa Stanek Rae has been hard at work defending inventors, this time on Capital Hill. In a guest entry to David Kappos' Public Blog on the official USPTO site, she talks about her adventures testifying to a House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Cometition and Internet.

Last week, I had the distinct honor to testify in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet at a hearing titled: “International IP Enforcement: Protecting Patents, Trade Secrets and Market Access.” This was my first opportunity, since joining the USPTO, to talk about the great successes we have had at this agency in front of Congress. I was pleased to be asked to share our experiences and successes with members of Congress and it was a positive experience.

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DaVinci Coders Enrolling for Fall Semester


The inaugural DaVinci Coders classes are taking place now at DaVinci Institute and the Coders are hard at work learning about the Ruby on Rails language and how it function and interacts with the other parts of the world wide web.   

Round 2 of DaVinci Coders classes begin on Sept 24th and run through Dec 14th. Do you think you have what it takes?


From Zero to Programmer in 90 Days

DaVinci Coders is a new kind of beginner-level skills-training center oriented around teaching inspired, passionate people the fine art of programming web applications.

This 11-week course, with one of the industry’s top instructors, has been designed around a fun, transformative life-changing experience taking place at the DaVinci Institute in beautiful Louisville, Colorado, located just a few minutes from Boulder.

Many will apply, but only a few will be chosen. Each class of DaVinci Coders will be limited to 16 people. Here’s your opportunity to meet the people who will help transform your life.

The caliber of people you surround yourself with will have a huge impact on where you end up in life.



DAVINCI LABS - 4 Hour Workweek on June 25, 2012


DaVinci Institute was packed to the hilt on June 25 for this months DaVinci Labs. The hot topic of focus? The 4-Hour Workweek.

The host for DaVinci Labs is Brian Baker who started things out by offering his own story about contemplating the 4-hour workweek and the gadget he planned on doing it with. However, he like most other readers of this best seller never realized his vision of global domination.

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