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DaVinci Institute began as the brainchild of  futurist Thomas Frey. From its humble beginnings in a small office on Main Street in Longmont, Colorado, this seasoned entrepreneur and one of IBM’s most decorated idea laureates created, nurtured and brought to fruition an organization bent on understanding and creating a better future, for us and our children. 

Launched in 1997 as a non-profit futurist think tank, DaVinci Institute has emerged as a center of visionary thought, attracting both a national and international following of inventors, innovators, idea junkies and business leaders alike.

DaVinci Institute set its sights on producing tangible results in addition to conceptual thinking. The founders decided that they didn’t just want to talk about the future – they wanted to help create it. With this directive the Institute began educating aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs with the critical skills necessary to make their projects viable and come to life.

Since its creation DaVinci Institute has become very prolific in its accomplishments.  This includes producing hundreds of events in the Denver metro area as well as writing and publishing numerous future forward thinking papers while providing a space for a number start-ups to gain a foothold in the quickly changing technology and business world. 

DaVinci Institute’s current home base is in the former Valley Bank building located at 511 E. South Boulder Road in Louisville, CO. From here it hosts a variety of events including the monthly Night With A Futurist and Start Up Junkie Underground, along with variously topical ‘Boot Camp’ workshops aimed at boosting attendees knowledge base to allow them to change and elevate their pathways to success in the future.

NOTE:  DaVinci Institute ® is a registered trademark of DaVinci Institute, Inc.